Feet Go To Sleep

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 “A fine bedtime book that may actually help kids go to sleep.

 Feet Go To Sleep 

 Kirkus Reviews “2015-02-16″

When every inch of you is bone tired, why not try falling asleep bit by bit? That’s what little Fiona, weary from a tiring day frolicking with family at the beach, does—and it works. She dispatches each body part off to dreamland, reminiscing as she goes how each part, starting with her toes and proceeding upward, was especially suited to enjoy a day bursting with activity and fun. The watercolor, gouache, fabric, and digital illustrations are bright and cheerful, neatly conveying a perky child and her warm, happy memories of a day spent with loving, multiethnic relatives.  Children and their special grown-ups should find this an endearing prelude to bedtime after their own very busy days, especially if enlivened by discussions of how kids’ body parts figured into their activities.

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