MarshaChildren’s Literature

Lulu is bored and wants her Mom to play with her, but Mom is busy with Marsha. It seems like baby Marsha gets all the attention, and that is quite frustrating for Lulu. After all, Marsha cannot do very much but everyone seems to think she is adorable. Lulu on the other hand has plenty of talent—she can dance, tell jokes, write her name, and plenty more. Marsha needs more attention than usual because she is sick with chicken pox. In the end of this all too true-to-life story, Marsha really does make Lulu sick. Part of the “Road to Reading” series, this is a Mile 3 book written for children who are ready to read easy stories by themselves. Each book in the series contains guidance for parents and a description of what each of the five levels is designed to do. 1998, Golden Books, $3.99. Ages 6 to 8. Reviewer: Marilyn Courtot