MarshasbdayKirkus Reviews

Bottner (Marsha Is Only a Flower, 2000, etc.) continues her series about rivalrous redheaded sisters Marsha and Lulu, this time with a co-author. It’s big sister Lulu’s eighth birthday, and she wants more attention from her parents-all the attention. In fact, the petulant and pretentious Lulu wants a big birthday party with clowns, a puppet show, a magician, acrobats, and a TV appearance as well, just to be sure everyone in town knows it’s her birthday. Instead, she gets a trip to the zoo with two friends (and little sister Marsha), where she gets to see a gorilla that shares her date of birth. Samoo the gorilla copies Lulu’s movements (and ignores those of the other children), leading Lulu to conclude that the gorilla loves her (and not Marsha). Brunkus adds some humor to the story with her wild-haired redheads, but Marsha’s age seems to vary from one illustration to another. Lulu is not very likable (she could probably use some counseling), although the third book in a series implies a ready readership.