Consulting & School Visits

Bottner offers multiple presentations, including writing and illustration workshops for children and adults, using PowerPoint to give her audience an overview of her home, her work and School visitprocess. “Stages Of Making A Book” addresses the entire book spectrum form idea though book dummy, editing, rewriting and proofs to bound book. Her workshops challenge students to use a limited word list from which they write a story.

This strong focus yields immediate and surprising results. Bottner invites students to write about a secret, which she promises not to read and shares how to build characters from simple emotions and improvises stories from students own experiences. She invites the audience to write about someone they don’t like, and then, shows them how to make the person funny, ie, characters we love to hate, the staple of conflict.

For older classes, Bottner discusses the difference between developing a character and simply buying into popular ‘heroes.’ ‘Hands on’ workshops, using the philosophies described above are done in smaller group settings. Bottner also demonstrates how she illustrates, using early version of drawings and book dummies to discuss how to develop a finished work.

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