Miss Brooks’ Story Nook

(Where Tales Are Told and Ogres Are Welcome).

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Missy loves her librarian, Miss Brooks and she loves to go to Miss Brooks’ before-school story time, although whenever she passes Billy Toomey’s house to get there, he snatches her hat and won’t give it back. One stormy morning, she arrives at Story Nook just before the lights go out. Unfazed, Miss Brooks encourages the children to make up their own story while they sit in the dark. Missy takes the lead in creating an imaginative, bloodcurdling tale. Fired with courage, she tells it the next morning to a suddenly terrified Billy Toomey and gets all her hats back.

    Bottner writes a heartening narrative in which the creative process is practical in that it resolves a problem, satisfying in that it leads to justice, and enjoyable in its own right. Capably constructed and full of lively dialogue, the story is well served by Emberley’s many expressive drawings of the characters, including a sympathetic, symbolic portrayal of Missy burdened by her nemesis. This engaging picture book is a satisfying sequel to Miss Brooks Loves Books (and I Don’t) (2010).






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Kirkus Reviews

While sequels can sometimes be disappointing, readers and listeners who enjoyed Miss Brooks’ first appearance will likely be very happy to find out what happens next—and they just might be inspired to create some tall tales of their own.

Publisher’s Weekly: While introducing the ideas of plot, characters, problem-solving, and “satisfying endings,” these collaborators demonstrate in no uncertain terms just how much real-life power stories can have. Ages 5–9. (Aug.)

Reviewed on: 07/14/2014

A Leisure Moment:  Miss Brooks’ Story Nook would be a great picture book to use in the classroom to teach students about the elements in a story.    This is a fun and imaginative story with lively young characters that will appeal to a wide audience.

Visit illustrator Michael Emberley at: http://www.michaelemberley.com/